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Real Experience Family and Divorce Mediators. Ending your marriage is not an easy decision. We are experienced family and divorce mediators. Genesis Divorce is the Smart Divorce.


Welcome to Genesis Divorce.  We offer divorce planning and mediation services for couples who are desirous of ending their marriage.  We help couples who are having difficulties communicating and need a third-party that is neutral. We work closely with our clients to effectuate an economical alternative to divorce outside of the traditional costly route of divorce attorneys. Divorce yourself from the high-cost of attorneys.  Genesis Divorce – The Smart Divorce.

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Divorce Planning & Florida Supreme Court Family Mediation Services

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“Thank you very much for helping me with my divorce.  I was so overwhelmed and you worked so hard to help my wife and I get past the arguing so that we could sign our papers and move on.”

Nick C.

“I had no idea where to begin with the whole process of ending my marriage.  Thank you for helping us to navigate through the process.  I don’t think we could have done it on our own.”

Rose D.

“I want to thank Rebecca and her staff for helping my wife and I through the process of splitting our assets and putting together a parenting plan.  We needed a neutral party to help us figure things out.  We are forever grateful even though our marriage ended”

Eric M.

About Me and My Team

Rebecca Inman is a Supreme Court Family Mediator in the state of Florida. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in addictions, a master's degree in mental health counseling, and a master's in business administration. She has extensive experience working with high-conflict divorce cases, high networth, and asset allocation.


"Rock Bottom Became the Solid Foundation on Which I Rebuilt My Life".

– J.K. Rowling
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What is Mediation?
What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process of utilizing a highly-trained professional who remains neutral in an effort to helps parties who are unable to communicate, resolve their issues and differences.

Do I Need a Parent Coordinator?
Do I Need a Parent Coordinator?

Parent Coordination can be done during the time of dissolution. A Parent Coordinator can also be mandated by the courts should a divorced couple lack the required communication skills to resolve time-sharing.


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