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If you are considering divorce and looking for an affordable alternative, consider family mediation. We are highly-trained and experienced Family Mediators and Parent Coordinators. --Genesis Divorce is the Smart Divorce.


we have the experience you are looking for.


Genesis Divorce is a Family and Divorce Mediation firm. We offer mediation and parent coordination services for couples and families who are looking for an alternative to resolving their financial and parenting issues.  Mediation is an affordable option to using high-cost attorneys.  Mediators can also be used to augment the communication process when a divorcing couple has an attorney.

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Mediation Services Pricing

Family Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Family & Divorce Mediation Services
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Doc Prep

Document Preparation

DOM & MSA Documents
Pro-Se Document Package
Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement & Parenting Plan Document Preparation Services
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Parent Training

High-Conflict Coaching
Family and Divorce Mediation Services
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