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Family Medition, Vero Beach, Florida


A family mediator is an individual who is a neutral party that aids and assists high-conflict couples in the division of their assets, and time-share of any children of the marriage.  A mediator can be used prior to a dissolution of marriage being filed in family court, and a mediator can also be used after a divorce has been granted.  A family mediator is a neutral third-party and works for a resolution that is in the interests of both parties and the children.  The mediators at Genesis Divorce are highly-trained and qualified to help high-conflict couples resolve their issues.

How we can help?

Have you every heard of Pro-Se?  Pro-Se is a latin term for “do it yourself”.  All too often individuals who want to save money on legal fees, do not know where to begin.  They just know that they want to save money.  How many times have you heard about a couple who want to divorce tell you that the attorneys are the one who came out ahead?  Attorneys make their money when you cannot communicate and resolve a legal issues.

How can Genesis Divorce help?  We are a Family and Divorce Mediation practice.  We help individuals who want to dissolve their marriage.  We are not attorneys.  We are mediators, planners and document preparers.  We can help you to resolve your communication issues and negotiate a “Smart Divorce”.  We can also provide you with the proper paperwork such as a Marital Settlment Agreement and a Parenting Plan.  Genesis Divorce is the Smart Divorce. Divorce without attorneys!

Call Genesis Divorce and talk to a Supreme Court Family Mediator at 772.742.2020. We offer a free 15-minute consultation.


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