Parent Coordinator

Divorce Mediation, Vero Beach, Florida


Parent Coordinators help to facilitate time-share with couples who are divorcing.  They are trained in Family Mediation and have extensive experience in helping families to navigate complex schedules and time-sharing.  Genesis Divorce can help to facilitate time-sharing in a divorce.  A Family Mediator is only able to provide Parent Coordinating services in the state of Florida.

Parents of minor children may enter into a Parenting Plan prior to their dissolution of marriage; however, the judge presiding over your case will determine if the Parenting Plan meets the criteria of the court.  If it does not the judge will modify it.  A Parenting Plan may also be order post dissolution of marriage if a couple has a change in circumstances or they are simply unable to communicate effectively.  A Parent Coordinator will be required to facilitate the communication process.

How we can help!

Genesis Divorce is located in Vero Beach, Florida.  We service the entire state of Florida and provide Family Mediation, Divorce Mediation and Parent Coordination Services.  Call our office at 772.742.2020 to speak with a mediator today.

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